The Founder

The founder of IKATAKI, Anna Kolesnikova, was born in a small town at the border of former Soviet Union with Central Asia.

She grew up in a family of historians and musicians, surrounded by many ethnic minorities and customs. In her late twenties, she moved to Europe and started working in fashion.

IKATAKI was born through connection to heritage and Anna's passion for fabrics and crafts. It is a multiethnic story that bonds together with her cultural identity.

meet the makers

The new traditional

IKATAKI is an ethical fashion brand founded to preserve and reinvent old traditions, to share the story of artisans and acclaim the origins of the craft.

Our first story is coming from Uzbekistan and inspired by the hand-woven fabric Ikat. Each ikat ornament has historical symbolism and special meaning.

The brand name IKATAKI has its origin from mirrored patterns of lavish ikat textile.


Handcrafted from natural and recycled fibers

We work with hand loomed natural cotton and silk ikat fabrics. 

For our quilted collection we use recycled fibers that allow recycling up to 10 plastic bottles apiece.

We try to put traditional crafts and innovations together in a way that feels fresh to elaborate historical narratives.


The power of support and engagement

We work with female artisans to support women independence and empowerment through transmission of their knowledge and skills.

Our focus is on human interaction. Young talents and local artists play a key role in the creation of our product and brand identity. 

We only produce what is needed and operate responsibly based on a Made-to-Order model.