At IKATAKI we try to protect what is important to us and wisely use all the resources we have to benefit the sustainable development of our society, be it in a social or environmental terms.
This is how we do it:

Make-to-order model
Creation of our handmade garments starts only after the order is placed. We use slower approach to reduce waste and avoid mass-producing.

Recycled fibers
We use recycled fibers from PET bottles for our quilted collection. Every quilted garment allows recycling of up to 10 plastic bottles.

Support local communities
We produce our collections locally and work with small workshops. This practice is beneficial to the environment and helps small businesses to survive in a globalized world economy.

Protect traditional knowledge
We chose handcrafted fabrics over mass-produced ones. We hope it gives traditional craftsmen a source of income to support their families and help them to continue practicing their art. 

Promote diversity
IKATAKI brings together female artisans, local photographers and young talents from different countries, backgrounds and religions. We aim to contribute towards the building of more inclusive and diverse societies.